Volunteer Work

Volunteer circle has existed since 2004. Ms Wioletta Socha is the supervisor.

We have decided  to continue the campaign ‘Angels are among us’ started in 2004 as part of the programme ‘The Youth’.  We always try to be where help is needed and that is why we organize many charity auctions.
We have been cooperating with many organizations, e.g.
- Animals Shelter
- ‘I have a dream’ organization
- Caritas of Kielce – a charitable organization
- Children's Hospital of Kielce
- Children's home
- social welfare centres
and many others.

We collect money, and food: and sell home baked cakes. All that to buy necessary things for those in need and/or to buy dreamed of presents for sick children, e.g. laptops or cameras. We have also painted the ENT and surgical ward at Children's Hospital of Kielce. We also spend time with small patients on talking, drawing, painting and reading.
Our activities were highly appreciated by awarding us an honourable mention by Pro Publico Bono competition jury.