Art subjects

Visual advertising

It joins different parts of art and technical skills. Students learn about advertising as a very important part of any promotion. The syllabus focuses on the ability to design and thus prepare a newspaper/magazine advertisement, a commercial or an advertisement on the Internet. They also prepare posters or packages for different products. Students learn about interior designing, plan occasional and theme exhibitions.

The basis for film and photography

Students study this subject for 2 years, having 2 hours a week. The classes combine both theory and practice. Students have a chance to find out how to use different multimedia effectively by taking and developing photos, recording short films. Students learn how to work in a darkroom. They find out briefly about the history of film and photography.

The classroom is equipped with a multimedia projector, digital video cameras, both analogue film and digital cameras, studio flash and incandescent lighting.
Students were awarded an honourable mention for film-making crews at Multimedia in Art workshops

Painting and drawing

This is a specific subject operating with colour, shades, line and spots.
Portrayal and transformation of the world, looking for form and shades, the right shape and finally the chord colour are the daily struggle of our students. Practicing coordination of  hands and eyes prepare students to various art projects.

Students start their education with a study  for both painting and drawing through interpretation and abstract thinking and then to the individual and independent creation. All tasks help students to develop their artistic skills. It is all to make them aware of how to show nature and when to let imagination play.
Education starts with still life where everyday objects play the most important role. Then there is time for insightful nature observation (outdoor workshops, character study) finishing on work of imagination and conscious reality deformations.

The syllabus includes also presentation of professional equipment, drawing and painting techniques. Students paint with watercolour paint (tempera, watercolour) and also oil and acrylics paint.


Students are familiarised with basic issues of composition on the surface and in space.
Firstly students do exercises based on the theme given by the teacher and they work in clay and gypsum. It teaches them creativity and sensitivity towards sculpture forms. Then they  make simple low relief tasks – both in wood and stone. Such exercises are to help plan and realize separate parts of project work.

During classes there are also lessons devoted to studies (floral form studies and head study) which develop skills of astute and sensitive observation of the world and its interpretation.