Diploma 2012

Diploma exam takes place in April each year at the end of the final grade. It consists of two parts:
- practical – where students present and defend their diploma work prepared in one of the specializations and the presentation of works: drawing (character study) and painting (still life and landscape).
- theoretical – oral history of art exam.

After passing the diploma exam a student graduates from school receiving the title of visual artist. If they wish they may take A-level exams in May.

It is a tradition to display diploma works at BWA Gallery in Kielce or The International Cultural Centre in Kielce.

Ceramics - teachers: Ewa Samulik-Ryłko, Anna Berniker

Tapestry - teachers: Agnieszka Gołębiowska, Małgorzata Babicka - Szajewska

Old painting and drawing techniques - teachers: Anna Stępień, Tomasz Szpak

Engraving techniques - teacher: Małgorzata Łągiewka

Carving techniques - teachers: Wacław Stawecki, Remigiusz Sennik

Chosen drawing and painting works - teachers: Magdalena Kubacka, Kazimierz Kielian, Leszek Niciński