Projects realised between 2004-2012

The list of the most important educational projects realised so far where our students had a chance to gain new skills and show their talent

Our School
A job for a Visual Artist
Leonardo da Vinci
Portfolio of a Young Businessperson
Inventors and their inventions
Economy on every day basis
Renovation of the tombstones of the great Poles in Montmorency (France) and Vilnius (Lithuania)
Ceramics workshops in Ostrava, Czech Republic
Exhibition arrangement workshop
Plain-air drawing and painting workshops
Job Fairs
Educational Fairs
Works exhibitions

Achieving the title ‘The school of Entrepreneurship’

In order to gain the School of Entrepreneurship certificate schools have to prove that they care about quality of teaching and education in terms of economic education, entrepreneurship, and handling finances. They also have to show that they cooperate with local institutions and prepare students to functioning in the job market.
In 2007 we had the pleasure of gaining the quality certificate ‘The school of Entrepreneurship’ as the only art school in Poland.

Leonardo da Vinci - Mobility

As part of  Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility project the school hosted guests from:
- The Czech school - Soukroma Stredni Umelecka Skola AVE ART from Ostrawa.

During workshops that lasted from 8 – 28 October 2006 the Czech students were familiarized with:
- the process of creating a tapestry; each participant made a small tapestry, a rug or a small tablecloth on a loom;
- different gilding and painting techniques; decorating techniques, applying gold, water colour technique and oil technique on a board; students made frames according to their own projects, oil paintings with gildings with angel motives, water colours on cartoon or parchment;
AVE ART students went on trips to Sandomierz and Kraków.

- The Spanish school ESCUELA TALLER „La Merced” from Cordoba.

During workshops from 18 October to 7 November 2007 the Spanish took part in  carving, gilding and painting classes. They prepared precise decorative elements in lime wood which later were gilded. They also made decorated mirror frames.

Both teachers and students had a chance to exchange valuable experience, especially on gilding techniques.
They made a few trips, e.g. to The Cave ‘Raj’, Sandomierz or camp-museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświęcim.

A Document as a Form of Identity

A document as a form of identity is a public enterprise realized thanks to funds from Świętokrzyskie Province together with Pro Arte Association and The City Public Library in Kielce.

The project, realized from September to October 2010, was aimed at engraving techniques students. It focused on complementary meetings, film and graphics workshops with a director, script writer and producer Grzegorz Linkowski.

The summary of the project was a few exhibitions of artistic works in a form of storyboards which included authors’ thoughts about identity, awareness of own roots and place in the world.

A job for a visual artist

A project realized thanks to financial funding from The National Polish Bank. Its main aim was to prepare students for activities on the job market, including starting their own business activity. The project lasted 7 months – December 2006 – June 2007. Students participated in lectures, workshops and consultations led by representatives of financial institutions, entrepreneurs and job market specialists. The most vital part was meetings with school graduates who have their own firms. The meetings were followed by presentations of works of art, services or artistic activities already introduced on the market.

Angels are among us

The Project was realised in August 2006 as part of ‘The Youth’ Programme and cooperation with the Czech school AVE ART from Ostrava. The main thought of the project was to organize a charity event for the children in need from the Local Children’s Home. Hence we prepared workshops during which students worked on artistic works and angel outfits for the final happening and auction. We managed to raise 1500zł. The event was widely commented upon the local media.