Prestigious exhibitions

May 1991

  • Students’ works exhibitions organized in the first monographic year devoted to the anniversary of Constitution Day - 3 May. The works displayed represented different fields – painting, tapestry, sculpture, ceramics and furniture making.
  • Art School in Kielce students’ exhibition – The Primate’s Palace in Warsaw.

June 1994

  • Students’ exhibition organized in the year of American Culture.
  • The sacred  in works of art by Art School students – Archdiocesan Museum in Lublin.

July 1994

  • European Cultural Heritage – The Polish Senate.

April - May 2004

Students’ works exhibition presented in the year promoting European Cultural Heritage. The exhibition was opened by the former Speaker of the Senate Mr Longin Pastusiak the day before Poland joined the European Union.

The speech of the head teacher Mrs Maria Kowalczyk referred to the school’s tradition of monographic years. She emphasised that the exhibition pointed out the presence of various trains growing from two most significant roots – antique and Christian civilisations. The works were in prevailing numbers copies or inspirations of the great masters. The students wanted to highlight the strands which played an important role in the development of Europe.

•    European Cultural Heritage – The Polish National Bank in Warsaw.

May – June 2004

•    Students’ works exhibition prepared in European Cultural Heritage monographic year.
•    The exhibition was opened by the then National Bank President Mr Leszek Balcerowicz.
•    Memory and Identity  – Trade Fairs ‘Sacro-Expo’ in Kielce

June 2006

•    Students’ works exhibition prepared in Memory and Identity year.
Students drew their inspirations from John Paul II’s thoughts in his last book.