Pro Arte Association

Pro Arte Association was founded by The State Secondary School of Art head teachers, teachers and parents. The direction of our aims is defined by the exchange of thoughts, meetings and co-operation. The main goal of the Association is widely understood as educational, artistic and cultural activity. We want to give our students an opportunity to develop artistic skills and within this area we are going to support the school management’s effort. We are going to promote art among the society we live in. That is why our varied offer is aimed at Kielce residents as well as the whole Świętokrzyskie region to both the youth and adults who would like to develop their interests and passion for art.

PRO ARTE Association works at our school and now it organises a series of art classes for children, young adults and adults.

- children aged 7 - 12 - Wed 16.00 - 17.30
- those aged over 12 – Tue 16.00 – 18.15

Classes start from 24 September 2012.

For more information please contact the school office.