Our students take part in many different competitions, under Ministry of Culture and National Heritage auspices.

A list of the chosen competitions where our students were either winners or given an award (2006-2012):

  • Artistic competition ‘ The box called imagination’,
  • All Poland Artistic Competition: Painting, Drawing and Sculpture,
  • Artistic contest – January Uprising,
  • Dream Job Portfolio Contest,
  • International Artistic Contest,
  • Art Competition,
  • Tapestry Biennial Event,
  • Sculpture Contest,
  • Biennial Human Landscape for secondary art school – life as inspiration for artistic activity,
  • Drawing and Painting Biennial for secondary school students,
  • History of Art competition,

and many others.

The students take also part in other competitions which are not strictly related to art:

  • Poetry Contest,
  • ‘Fryderyk Chopin Contest – the man of the 21st ‘Century’,
  • ‘Świetokrzyskie Region as an offer for a foreign tourist’,
  • School Film Competition,,
  • Maths Contest,
  • Drama Contest,
  • Geography Competition,
  • Physics Contest,
  • Literary Contest.

Each year the best students of our school receive Prime Minister Scholarships for education achievements and Minister of Culture and National Heritage Scholarships for artistic achievements.